tment, and it could also leverage on more bank lending and attract private funds to increase investment, said Xu. In the meantime, allowing retail access to local government bonds will help diversify the investor base and increase market liquidity, said Amanda Du, an analyst at Moody’s Investors Service. The analyst expected access for retail investors to widen to encompass all local government bonds in 2020. hina’s economy grew at a faster-than-expected 6.4 percent year-on-year in the first qua rter, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Wednesday. The growth was unchanged from that registered in the fourth quarter of last year.Read More →

with the island by officially acknowledging that military personnel have been posted in the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan since 2005. US weapons manufacturer Raytheon was also granted a $9 million contract to upgrade Taiwan’s Patriot missile defense system. Senior Colonel Liang Fang, a professor at PLA National Defense Universit y, said the recent drill will test and enhance the PLA’s joint operating capabilities. “It will increase the PLA’s ability to protect national sovereignty, and warn thos e who are trying to undermine it to abandon their illusions,” she said. “Similar drills will be more common in the future, with increasingly sophisticatedRead More →

by the smugglers, Sun said. Busts were made in several locations, which were not disclosed. The case is still under investigation. Since early this year, 182 smuggling cases involving endangered species have been investigated, the administration said on Monday. More than 500 tons of endangered animals and animal products were seized, 8.48 t ons of which was ivory tusks or products made of ivory. In those cases, 171 suspects were detained. The Chinese government suspended imports of ivory and all ivor y products in 2015 and ended commercial processing and sale of ivory at the end of 2017. The ban has had significant positive effects,Read More →

ling and wildlife protection knowledge among the public, and it welcomes public supervision or reports of smuggling. As social networks and online stores have become increasingly important tools for wildlife s mugglers, the administration has beefed up its anti-smuggling work online this year. Customs officials are working on cases involving another 100 tons of endangered wildlife and wildlife products, of which about 300 kilograms are tusks and ivory products. Last year, the administration purchased advanced screening and detection equipment to improve th e efficiency of its anti-smuggling work, according to Wang Wei, director of the administration’s ports supervision department. People caught entering China with endangeredRead More →

Premier Li Keqiang called on China and Japan to boost cooperation in innovation to see more pra gmatic outcomes, and to further work together in areas including finance, third-party markets and tourism. The two countries should also create a fair and unbiased business environment for each other’s en terprises, Li said in a meeting with visiting Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono in Beijing on Monday. The meeting came after a China-Japan high-level economic dialogue, co-chaired on Sunday by State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Kono. The dia logue, also attended by ministers of agriculture, industry, commerce and environ mental protection from both countries,Read More →

 reports that India decided not to send a delegation to the second Belt and Road Forum for Internati onal Cooperation later this month in Beijing. The reports said the initiative undermines the South Asia n nation’s sovereignty via the BRI-related China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Lu said that, “If this decision about whether to participate in building the Belt and Road was possibly made through a misunderstanding”, China firmly and sincerely advances the constr uction of the Belt and Road on the basis of consultation and contribution for shared benefits. He added that the initiative is open to all parties that are inter ested in and willingRead More →

 of Engineering and head of the innovation research academy of intelligent robotics at Xi’an Jiaotong Univer sity, said the university began considering an undergraduate AI major in 2016, and it has since established an experi mental undergraduate AI class in 2018 with 55 students taught by the country’s leading AI experts. The university established the academy in October 2017 and an AI school in Janua ry. The academy has 26 master’s candidates and eight doctoral candidates, Zheng said. “Universities should aim for major breakthroughs in basic res earch and core technology. We are still striving to achieve revolutionary and disruptive changes in AI theories, methods,Read More →

sing funds for the sake of cost-cutting, Liu said, adding some staff made 80,000 yuan a month in pilot areas for the new salary regime in southern China’s second and third-tier cities. Earlier this year, rumors spread that China’s e-commerce giant would can cel couriers’ basic salary and reduce welfare. The company confirmed the salary adjus tment plan via its official Sina Weibo account on April 7, saying as the number of orders from individual clients incre ases, the company is looking to adopt an incentive plan to reward outstanding employees. JD will reduce its delivery staff members’ salaries by adopting a commis sion-based paymentRead More →

way in social and economic development, leaders from China and the CEECs voiced support fo r moving forward practical cooperation in the development of the China-Eur ope Land Sea Express Line and making use of European Union (EU)-Chin a Connectivity Platform to promote development of intermodal freight transportation. Taking note of the Three Seas Initiative, the participants to the leaders’ meeting expressed their welcome to port cooperat ion between China and the CEECs, including the opportunities deriving from inland waterways and the interm odal connections to further enhance the cargo transportation between Asia and Europe. Leaders from China and the CEECs also expressed their willingnessRead More →

officers involved this morning who responded swiftly to this incident and put thems elves in harm’s way, as they do every day, to keep the people of London safe,” Walker said. The police said the incident was not related with terrorism. According to media Sky News, police opened fire on a vehicle outside the Ukrainian emb assy after the driver deliberately rammed into the official car of the country’s ambassador to Britain. “The ambassador, Natalia Galibarenko, was not at the embassy at the time and no other staff were injured,” said the report of Sky News. The 16th Chinese Bridge, an annual Chinese proficiency contestRead More →