who rebel against the system. Permission is needed from a male guardian for many basic activities, including international travel.   Reem and Rawan say they had been planning their escape in secret for two years. They didn’t dare discuss it in case they were overheard, so, instead, they swapped WhatsApp messages, even while alone at night in their shared room.   Before they fled, the Sri Lanka vacation was just like any other. They wore their niqabs to the beach and sat away from the surf while their brothers swam and joked. They cooked the meals, and spent most of their days inside. It was humid. TheirRead More →

  Reem pre-booked the taxi. It was Rawan’s job to retrieve their passports from a bag stored in their parents’ bedroom. Around 2 a.m ., she tip-toed past them as they slept, took the bag with their passports, then snuck back in again to return the bag so as not to raise suspicion.   ”It’s a really great memory, exciting,” Rawan tells CNN, smiling. Of the two sisters, she‘s the more talkative, taking the lead and occasi onally looking to her sister for advice on the right word in English. Reem is more reserved. She’s careful about what she says and who to tr ust. They bothRead More →

  On February 23, humanitarian aid will enter Venezuela one way or another,” the country’s self-declared president Juan Guaido d eclared earlier this month. But not so fast — President Nicolas Maduro, who won reelection in a widely-criticized vote last year, has pr omised to block the supplies, and organizations including the Red Cross and United Nations have refused to help.   The slow advance of aid toward impoverished Venezuela has become a proxy measure of the power struggle between its two rival presidents. At the same time, there is little doubt that the Ve nezuelan people are in need of help. So why is it soRead More →

With Brexit day only weeks away, and still no deal in place, now might not seem the best time for British politicians to flip the table over. But this week, 11 Members of Parliament have done exactly that. On Monday, seven members of the opposition Labour Party announced tha t they were fed up of their leader Jeremy Corbyn, citing reasons ranging from rampant anti-Semitism to hi s lack of leadership on Brexit. They will Theresa May tactics of pandering to the harder-line Brexiteers in her own party and elsewhere. That means it’s now hard to see this new group as anything other than aRead More →

Friday to continue high-level trade negotiations. His new title as Chinese President Xi Jinpi ng’s special envoy indicates the importance and authoritativeness of the talks. As pre paration for the event, consultations at vice-ministerial-level between China and the US were recovered on Tuesday. The world’s stock markets surged Monday due to the optimistic prospects on the deals that Beijin g and Washington are expected to make. US President Donald Trump praised “big progress” in the trade deal on Twitter. His words further stoked the stock markets of the US, which reached the highest in two m onths and so increased pressure on the Trump administrationRead More →

relationship between the US and Central and Eastern Europe. The US will also launch a Future Leaders Ex change Program, providing one-year academic scholarships for Hungarian high school students to study in the US. There are many aspects to US strategic return to Central and Eastern Europe. First, the US can enhance energy cooperation with the region. The regional countries would prefer not to become overly dependent on Russia. The US has already voiced strong opposition to the energy cooperation between Germany and Russia via the Nord Stream 2 project. Given that the US is set to become a net energy exporting country in 2020,Read More →

attitude toward Huawei and China. They wish to maintain their relationship with the US, while hesitating to completely exclude Hu awei equipment. Most European network operators oppose banning Huawei. Hence there remains uncertainty on Huawei issues. We are at a historic crossroads. One choice is to explain disputes and uncertainties as serious political and secu rity issues, and push international relations in the direction of confrontation. Another is to handle p roblems objectively to create a world dominated by cooperation and mutual compromise. Europe played only a supporting part in the Cold War, but it may have its own leading role and guard its dignityRead More →

film is a reflection of a nation’s comprehensive strength.” The Guardian published an article headlined “China challenges Hollywood with own sci-fi blockbuster.” This is in line with how people see today’s global affairs. China is making contributions to global development with its own strength and its own way. Different from the US sci-fi blockbusters which advocate individual heroism, The Wandering Earth pro poses China’s collective spirit. Take the climax of the movie: When all the plans to save Earth faile d and Earth is about to hit Jupiter, many other countries, which had decided to give up, were moved and inspired by a br aveRead More →

Two Chinese companies are reportedly interested in buying the Philippines’ largest shipyard, once an important US naval base in the Pacific region. Some Phi lippine politicians have expressed concern over a possible Chinese takeover, saying it will be a very significant national security issue. An unexpected dilemma is brewing in the Philippines. Since the start of the presidency of Rodrigo Dutert e, a marked warming of bilateral ties has stoked Chinese firms’ enthusiasm for investing in the Southeast Asian country. In 2018, China’s outbound investment in the Philippines rose by more than 8,000 percent from a year earlier. With the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI),Read More →

rts with the Chinese team to strive for the conclusion of a deal that meets the interests of both sides. “We bring the best wishes of President Trump. He’s asked us to state that he also places great importance on his personal relationship with you,” Lighthizer said. “We have had two very good days of negotiations. We feel that we have made headway on some very, very important and very difficult issues,” he said. “We have additional work we have to do but we are hopeful.” Xi asked Lighthizer and Mnuchin to extend his sincere greetings to President Trump, saying that he cherishes their goodRead More →