This province in the western region today night cloudy, overcast with light rain, clo udy to overcast elsewhere;Tomorrow during the day and cloudy to overcast, in the are as of southern province northwest overcast with rain and sleet or snow, other parts of the overcast with small to modera te rain;Tomorrow night along the huai Yin and huaibei area have sleet turn blizzard, province southeast Yin has small t o moderate rain;Rest Yin rain and sleet or snow, rain and snow medium, the provin ce east to north east 3-4 tomorrow lowest temperature: 1 ~ 2 ℃ in huaibei area, along t he Yangtze riverRead More →

  Tencent sports inquiry Beijing time on 27 January, a net friend in a social platf orm drying out a piece of Chinese men’s baske tball team players TaoHanLin members of the Olympic women’s volleyball championship in 2016 an d Rio Yang Fang xu sweet pictures of shopping, two people love followed exposure.   News, then cause the attention of the fans and c omments: a net to go forward 2017 friends said “the box (nickname) Ya ng Fang xu change hair style, more good-looking, blessing!”Another netizen “make to make to David,” said “two add up to 4 metres athletes to fall in love, it heads inRead More →

After the network spread in hubei a coach for a passenger with cabbage turnip green Chinese onion JingYue b “Coach was fined for passengers with cabbage turnip” incident caused widespread criticism.I thought, this is a bad law enforcement illegal behavior, involved police not ignorance is shameless. Oillegal.Otherwise, bring fruit, clothing, ci garettes, alcohol and other items are illegal.If so, do people ride buses can only e mpty hands, take some luggage?Even the bus rack is just decoration, can see cannot use?If involved police really don’t e ven understand this common sense, then, and how did he become the police and the police? If he isRead More →

Local time Friday (25), the United States a biometric system, an assistant professor at duke university Megan Neely (M egan Neely) send an email to all department student because of racial discrimination caused concern. Mail, said there were two staff to find her, respectively, said they see two Ch inese students in teaching “loudly speak Chinese”, want to know their names, but refused to the two students in ternship or project application.Disappointed megan said, the two members of the faculty, the students di dn’t grasp the opportunity to try to improve my English, they completely in th e aisles with others don’t understand the languageRead More →

  Large filial generation with reality TV variety show “best years”, since before the show when it comes to the original e first time in 24 years fulfill a woman’s love story” is really touched countless people they love.   Model of Taiwan actress bea Hayden because in the small times series of films, pla y the role of “southern hunan” and have my moment in China’s interior, film, directed by guo jingming, bea H ayden and Yang mi, guo jie, xie in accordance with the lam artists.Is set in Shanghai, about four strong feelings as a ch ild, have different values and outlook on life ofRead More →

Venezuela’s more independence for the country’s opposition leaders melon “inter im President”, and won support from the us, to make the country into a serious political crisis. 24, the United States is still in the, in the day of the organization of American sta tes conference, spokesman urged 35 members, calling for it should be ad mitted that the government “melon” as soon as possible. In addition at the meeting, the United Stat es on behalf of, the secretary of state, peng admire Mr Also announced that, at the request of the melon many America prepare to provide more than $20 million (RMB 135 million)Read More →

  oday suddenly spread the qin and han dynasties of brigitte Lin, 64, and 72 – year – old has a low profile to license, man y people are ready to congratulate them break up after 25 years and composite, but Hong Kong media re ported, brigitte Lin communication 40 years of close friend said: “impossible”, helped brigitte Lin firm rumours.   Beauty all his life of brigitte Lin through the movie “the window” into the entertai nment industry in 1973, and “the window” actor is pretty tall, qin and han dynasties.   Then the two men also worked with “wild goose son in the tip”, “sad autumn”,Read More →

  # changchun wanda # 15 January 25, 2019, when 20, changchun fire detachment criminal, wanda plaza is loca ted in changchun city hongqi street apartment block 30 explosion.   Photo source: CCTV news to the client   Immediately after the accident, provincial and municipal leaders put forw ard clear requirements for on-site rescue disposal work.Changchun fire de tachment, 120 emergency, gas and electricity department immediately to arrive to rescue.A preliminary ex ploration, the scene of red flag wanda plaza apartments 30 layer near the north side in the scriptorium, has found a tra pped personnel, have been confirmed dead.Is investigating the cause of the explosion.   Previously reported:Read More →

Washington on January 23 (xinhua) NBA (NBA) 23 JCP for 10 games.Harden had 61 points, to help the rockets are on the road to a 114-110 win over the knicks.”Green unlined upper garment army” the celtics at home 123-103 victory over the knight, won five straight wins to rival five-game losing streak at the same time. The rockets players harden dunk in the game.The xinhua news agency reporter wang ying The rockets in the game against the knicks, harden show, no one can block the domineering, step back jumper, perimeter 3-pointer with ease, free-throw line also is as high as 88%, showing the dominance ofRead More →

According to foreign media reports, Oracle, the world’s largest enterprise software company, has been accused of sala ry discrimination by the U.S. Department of Labor. A new federal document shows that Oracle withholds sala ries of female and minority employees, resulting in losses of nearly $400 million. In fact, as early as 2017, the contract compliance office under the U.S. De partment of Labor filed a lawsuit accusing Oracle of paying white male em ployees higher wages than other employees. But in order for the U.S. Department of Labor and Oracle to me diate the dispute, the lawsuit was shelved. Now the U.S. Department ofRead More →