Cooperation at the ministry’s Office for International Military Cooperation, said that comp ared with other branches of the military, the PLA Navy plays a relatively larger role in protecting China’s overseas inter ests and maintaining security in key sea lanes such as the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somalia. “The PLA Navy is at the forefront of proving that the Chinese milita ry is an open, cooperative and competent force for peace,” he said, adding that the PLA Navy has f requently participated in humanitarian rescue missions, naval escorts, joint exercises and exchanges in past years. “Through these non-war military operations, the Chinese NavyRead More →

ons has voted against remaining in the EU and every version of leaving the EU,” tweeted James Cleverly, the Conservative Party’s deputy chairman. Nevertheless, some proposals fared better than May’s deal had done two weeks ago, and parlia ment was due to hold more indicative votes on Monday after refining the options most likely to secure a majority. Many Conservative eurosceptics had made clear they would only c onsider supporting May’s deal if she gave a firm commitment to resign, hoping a new leader would be more sympathetic to their views when negotiating the terms of Britain’s future relationship with the EU. “I have heardRead More →

a different pair of shoes for the surface. I was overwhelmed, in an embarrassing way.” Li played the final match of her stellar career at Wimbledon 2014 before retiring due to a chronic knee injury two months later. Now enjoying life as a housewife and businesswoman, the two-time Grand Slam singles champion spares no effort to en sure that China’s new generation of players are better prepared than she was for life as a pro. Her passion for the sport remains undiminished and shone through at Tuesday’s event at Beijing’s 1123 Junior Tennis Academy, where the 37-year-old hit shots with some young hopefuls and sharedRead More →

 development in China, and the EU welcomes China’s willingness to share its development opportunities. Chinese enterprises are welcome to invest in European countries, said the European leaders, adding that they will not adopt restrictive measures against specific com panies, and are willing to provide a fair, open and transparent business environment for all foreign enterprises. During the visit, Peng Liyuan, Xi’s wife, also attended a number of events aimed at deepeni ng cultural and educational exchanges between China and the European nations. As a special envoy of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the advanceme nt of girls’ and women’s education,Read More →

port, global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose by 1.7 percent to 33 gigatonnes last year, the highest level since 2013. Coal use in power generation alone surpassed 10 Gt, accounting for one-third of the total increase. The fact that most of the increase in coal use comes from coal power plants in developing Asia points to the harsh reality that greenhouse gas emissions are the cost be ing paid for development. That the majority of coal power plants in Asia are only 12 years old on average, decades short of the average life span of around 50 years, shows how challenging it is to cutRead More →

 in their favor. Hundreds of thousands of people marched through London on Saturday calling for a new referendum on whether to leave the EU or remain. But with the deadline for a Brexit decision less than three weeks away, British poli ticians remain divided, and increasingly despairing about the country’s political gridlock. “Brexit is like the Death Star of politics,” Conservative legislator George Freeman said. “I always fea red it would be like this. It’s destroying and soaking up all the prime minister’s room for maneuver and political goodwill. “I’ve never known this country so divided, so angry and in such a dangerous state,” heRead More →

 such an attitude. Any nation with very strong and rapid growth is always in a very difficu lt position in public opinion because we are afraid about the strength of others,” he said. “For example, we were afraid of cultural pressure from the United States in the 1960s, and 20 ye ars later, we had the same feelings against Japan with its technological projects. Now, China is bac k around the table of big nations. I think we have to accept that and not be afraid, but to discuss.” Raffarin said the two countries are expected to close contracts and announce new projects. He alsoRead More →

regards China as an important strategic cooperation partner, and appreciates China’s im portant role in and contribution to climate change and other international affairs, Macron said. The French president pledged to further strengthen strategic communication and collaboration with China, and bring into full play the leading role of the France-China comprehensive strategic part nership, so as to jointly safeguard multilateralism and promote world peace and prosperity. France is the last leg of Xi’s three-nation Europe tour that has taken him to Italy and Monaco. his year marks the 40th anniversary of the Joint Communiqué on the Estab lishment of Diplomatic Relations signed by Beijing andRead More →

ence” leader, to stop over in Hawaii on her way back to the island after an eight-day tour of thr ee Pacific island nations this week, Washington is breaching all established protocols and violating the 1979 Joint Communiqué. Beijing lodged “stern representations” with Washington on Thursday against Tsai’s transit in Hawaii. “We have consistently and resolutely opposed the United States or other countries which have diplomatic relations with China arranging this kind of transit,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Ge ng Shuang said in Beijing. Beijing has urged Washington not to send “Taiwan independence forces any wrong signal”, Geng said. The method behind fluctuating policy of USRead More →

 said the first consultation will be held in September when a US delegation, led by a senior official fr om the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, is expected to visit Taipei. The US has been using one pretext or the other to provoke Beijing and violate the 1979 Joint Commun iqué. But for the sake of Sino-US relations and regional peace, Washington should realize that instead of gain ing anything, it would suffer huge economic and political damage by interfering in China’s internal affairs. Xi’s message of peace and reunification Delivering a speech to mark the 40th anniversary of the MessageRead More →