transit. According to NBS preliminary estimates, the share of consumption of clean energy such as natural gas, hydropo wer, nuclear power and wind power in total energy consumption in the first quarter was 1.5 percentage points hi gher than that of the same period last year. Energy consumption per unit of GDP went down by 2.7 percent year-on-year. Total investment in fixed aassets grew by 6.3 percent, with private invest ment growing at 6.4 percent, slightly faster than the overall number. This is es pecially significant in the light of last year’s fears that private investment in the econo my might collapse. So, the government’sRead More →

Growth in China’s energy consumption remains robust while the forms of energy continued to diversify in 2018, according to an annual report on China’s energy devel opment released Sunday by the China Electric Power Planning and Engineering Institute. Total energy consumed last year reached 4.64 billion metric tons o f standard coal, a year-on-year growth of 3.3 percent – a five-year record, according to the report. Consumption of clean energy, including natural gas, hydropowe r, nuclear power and wind power, accounted for 22.1 perc ent of energy consumption last year, up 1.3 percent compared with the same period in 2017. Non-fossil energy accounted for 14.3Read More →

Hainan provincial health authorities have revoked Boao Yinfeng Healthcare International H ospital’s business license, for illegally administering HPV 9-valent vaccines, according to a statement Sunday. Located in the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, the hospit al has since January last year vaccinated 37 customers with HPV 9-valent, charging each 9,000 yuan. They did so without obtaining an official vaccination outpatient license, said the statement. It said the local health commission of Qionghai, where the Boao pilot zone is loc ated, on April 18 issued the hospital a notice of penalties, including a warning, confiscati on of illegal income, a fine of 8,000 yuan,Read More →

 outcomes belong to the world, Xi said, adding that the second forum sen ds a clear message to the world: The BRI will have a brighter future as the circle of its supporters expands, as good partners increase and as the quality of cooperation improves. Around 5,000 people from some 150 countries and about 90 international organizations attended the forum. Participants hailed the BRI as a great initiative for economic cooperation, saying it is conducive t o promoting connectivity and enhancing international cooperation in fields such as trade, investment and sustainable development.Calling Belt and Road con struction a path to common prosperity, Xi said thatRead More →

y in development plans and initiatives of various countries and international organizations and in tensify bilateral and the third-party market cooperation to help more countries raise their level of connectivity, Xi said. He added that participants agreed that Belt and Road forums are an important platform for multilateral co operation and should be held on a regular basis. President calls for countries’ joint efforts in building Belt, Road in forum speech President Xi Jinping pledged on Friday to take strong measures such as easing market access for foreign capital and increasing imports to promote the higher-level opening-up of the country. While delivering the keynote speechRead More →

The international community has hailed President Xi Jinping’s call on Friday to ease market access for foreign capital and increase imports so that opening-up reaches a higher level. Xi said in his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the S econd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing that the purpose of buil ding the Belt and Road is to achieve win-win cooperation and common development. China will increase its imports of goods and services and will further lower its tariff rates, Xi said. Francis Chua, chairman emeritus of the Philippine Chamber of Commer ce and Industry, noted Xi’s emphasis on qualityRead More →

rsity’s Kellogg College in England, called opening to more foreign investment a very important development. “Of course this will expose both inward investors and indigenous organiza tions to some stark differences in management and doing business between them, which in tu rn requires more globally effective leaders who are less ethnocentric and more culturally aware,” he said. Sikhumbuzo Zondi, a research assistant at the Institute for Global Dialogue associated with the University of South Africa, said another important aspect of Xi’s opening address was the desire to invest more resources in scientific innovation and technology. The aim is to develop technologies and business models thatRead More →

 in Escondido. Their conditions have not been disclosed so far. A spokesperson for Palomar Medical Center confirmed they received four patients, declining to give any more details. The synagogue was hosting a Passover holiday celebratio n at 11 a.m. on Saturday, according to a post on its Facebook page. A large group of congregants had gathered behind the temple following the shooting, said Sgt. Aaron Meleen of the San D iego County Sheriff’s Department. It was unclear so far how many people were attending services. Some children were initially reported missing, he said, but they have been found. “As you can imagine, it was anRead More →

 with China, allowing UN member states to participate in its scientific missions for the exploration of the solar system. It will bri ng scientists from all over the world to work together, which will bring a lot of innovation,” she added. The meteorological satellite jointly designed and constructed by Chinese and French scientists has already started to send back data on the wind and ocean wave s after it was sent to orbit by a Chinese rocket in October. The data can help scientists learn more about climate chan ge, said Lionel Suchet, chief operating officer of the National Centre for Space Studies of France.Read More →

 back to the US government’ s military occupation of the Philippines in the 1890s. Christ opher J. Coyne, a professor at George Mason University in the United States sai d in the book Tyranny Comes Home that under the leadership of Ralph Van Deman, the father of US military int elligence, the American occupier established an advanced monitoring agency at the time to suppress rebels and dissidents. In May 1917, Vanderman took charge of the Military Intelligence Section ( MIS), a similar surveillance facility in the United States, and which would eventually evo lve into the US National Security Agency (NSA). In 1955, the UnitedRead More →