President Xi Jinping encouraged the Chinese people to be prepared for a new Long March to ward national rejuvenation during a visit to a revolutionary base in Jiangxi province on Monday. “We came here to the starting point of the Long March to exper ience the situation of the Red Army’s departure during those years. Now there is a new Long March, and we should make a new start,” Xi said at a memorial park in Yudu county, Ganzhou. The Long March covered over 12,500 kilometers from October 1934 to October 1936. It was a military maneuver carried out by the Red Army and ledRead More →

President Xi Jinping inspected a company that manufactures high-tech magnetic m aterials as he kicked off an inspection trip to East China’s Jiangxi province on Monday. Xi learned about the business operations of the JL MAG Rare-Earth Co Ltd, based in Ganzhou, which speciali zes in rare earth permanent magnetic materials, as well as the development of the rare earth sector in the city. Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, said on Tuesday that the US governm ent’s 90-day extension “doesn’t mean much”, adding that the company was ready to deal with the ban. Ren’s comments came after the US Commerce Department said onRead More →

 Information Industry Development, said Huawei’s chip making arm HiSilicon can help Huawei ensure the s ustainability of its business to some extent, and its chip stocks “are expected to provide a buffer of six months to a year”. Huawei said it procured around $70 billion worth of components and services from i ts 13,000 suppliers worldwide last year, with roughly $11 billion coming from US suppliers. The US has been voicing the “national security threat” of using Huawei products. French President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday that France will allow Huawe i to build its 5G network infrastructure while preserving national security, according to XinhuaRead More →

Transformation of traditional industries speeding up, riding wave of high tech The Chinese economy is poised for more vigorous growth after gathering new strength through upgrad es in traditional industries and accelerating the growth of high-tech industries and emerging sectors. The country will further expand market access with a nationally unified, annually released and timely adjusted negative list for m ore market vitality, according to the National Development and Reform Commission, China’s top economic regulator. Meng Wei, spokeswoman of the commission, said at a media conference on Fri day that China has made steady progress in cultivating new momentum and promoting t www.fangzhenjiang.cnRead More →

China’s Ministry of Commerce on Thursday urged the United States to correct its use of tariffs, and vo wed to take necessary countermeasures if the US’ new tariff plan targeting $300 billion in Chinese imports takes effect. The US government’s bullying behavior and maximum pressure regime on China violate mu ltilateral trade rules, ministry spokesman Gao Feng said at a regular news conference. The office of the United States Trade Representative proposed to take further action by imposing 25 percent of addition al tariffs on Chinese imports with an annual trade value of approximately $300 billion. The USTR is seek ing comment and will holdRead More →

President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening of the Conference on Dialogue of Asia n Civilizations. With the theme of “Exchanges and mutual learning among Asian civilizations and a com munity with a shared future,” the conference aims to deepen cooperation among Asian countries. Here are the highlights: Humanity needs cultural strength to address challenges ahead Humanity needs cultural strength, besides economic and techn ological strength, to cope with common challenges and head toward a bright future. The intensifying global challenges humanity is facing now require concerted effort from countries across the world. Asian civilizations write ‘brilliant chapter’ in human civilization AsianRead More →

hina voiced deep disappointment late on Wednesday about Washington’s plan to raise tariffs on Chinese imports on Fr iday, saying that it will take necessary counter-measures if the US tariffs increase takes effect. The planned tariffs increase on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports from 10 percent to 25 percent was filed by the Office of the US Trade Representative, and the filing appeared on Wednesday in the Federal Register, the Associated Press reported. In response, an unnamed spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce said in a statement on the ministry’s website that escal ating trade friction does not serve the interests of people inRead More →

s become a driving force behind economic growth, and interne t companies should concentrate on making breakthroughs in core technologies. “The country is narrowing the gap with developed countries, especially in autonomo us driving, cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems and intelligent transportation. We started a little late, but o ur pace is faster and our potential is bigger,” said Robin Li, chairman and CEO of leading Chinese search engine Baidu Inc. He noted that AI will have an impact on the internet and China should firmly grasp the historic opportuni ties of AI, and the country’s efforts in technological innovations will begin gradually changing the world. PonyRead More →

hina will undertake key measures to further integrate the country’s rural and urban areas and encourage the transfer and free flow of people and resources throughout the nation. Measures include relaxing hukou (household registration) barri ers, reforming zoning regulations for rural and residential land, marketing collective land in rural areas for development purposes and increasing infrastructure spending in the countryside. Experts said the new plan, announced by the Communist Party of China Ce ntral Committee and the State Council late on Sunday, is aimed at helping realize steady progr ess in rural revitalization, driving up the process of urbanization and further boosting the economy. ChinaRead More →

Young people shall work hard in learning the Marxist stance, viewpoints and methods, mastering scientific and cultural knowledge and professional skills, and improving their humanistic quality. Fine morality of young people called for Chinese youth of the new era should be grateful to the Party, the country, the society and the people. Young people shall nurture and practise core socialist values, and guard against wrong id eas such as money worship, hedonism, extreme individualism and historical nihilism. Nurturing young generation is whole Party’s political responsibility Communist Party of China should shoulder the political responsibility of nurturing a new generation of capable young people who haveRead More →