Wei Yingwu EAST OF THE TOWN From office confinement all year long, I have come out of town to be free this morning Where willows harmonize the wind And green hills lighten the cares of the world. I lean by a tree and rest myself Or wander up and down a stream. …Mists have wet the fragrant meadows; A spring dove calls from some hidden place. …With quiet surroundings, the mind is at peace, But beset with affairs, it grows restless again…. Here I shall finally build me a cabin, As Tao Qian built one long ago. Wei Yingwu TO MY DAUGHTER ON HER MARRIAGERead More →

I sit here alone, mourning for us both. Liu Zongyuan FROM THE CITY-TOWER OF LIUZHOU TO MY FOUR FELLOW-OFFICIALS AT ZHANG, DING, FENG, AND LIAN DISTRICTS At this lofty tower where the town ends, wilderness begins; And our longing has as far to go as the ocean or the sky…. Hibiscus-flowers by the moat heave in a sudden wind, And vines along the wall are whipped with slanting rain. Nothing to see for three hundred miles but a blur of woods and mountain — And the river’s nine loops, twisting in our bowels…. This is where they have sent us, this land of tattooed peopleRead More →

Spring only brings me grief and fatigue   Wei Yingwu TO MY FRIENDS LI DAN AND YUANXI We met last among flowers, among flowers we parted, And here, a year later, there are flowers again; But, with ways of the world too strange to foretell, Spring only brings me grief and fatigue. I am sick, and I think of my home in the country- Ashamed to take pay while so many are idle. …In my western tower, because of your promise, I have watched the full moons come and go. Han Hong INSCRIBED IN THE TEMPLE OF THE WANDERING GENIE I face, high over thisRead More →