event wild animals from being touched by tourists. In such conditions, education on wildlife protection before the tour will be needed,” he said. “Also, we can further explain contributions travelers can make through a nimal-friendly tourism during the trip, which will make the tour much more meaningful and unforgettable.” Apart from travel agencies, online tourism information platforms are also contributing efforts to promote wildlife-frien dly tours. Qyer.com-a Chinese website that enables travel enthusiasts to write notes and exchange experiences, has recently added a new item of “not chasing tigers in the national parks” into their travel guidebook for India. “Wildlife protection needs efforts from eachRead More →

artment announced on Wednesday it will add telecommunications eq uipment maker Huawei and its affiliates to the Entity List on Wednesday. Being on the list bars the company from buying US technology without government approval due to security concerns. On the same day, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that bars US companies fr om using telecom equipment from manufacturers considered a national security risk, without mentioning Huawei by name. Such moves, as well as the increase of tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods earlier this m onth, complicated the prospect of continuing the bilateral trade talks that have been ongoingRead More →

When the flurry subsided, Berry began to pull the net up and pick carp from it one by one. Repeating this process one or two times, they had enough carp to deliver to the nearby Kentucky Fish Center owned by An gie Yu, who also operates Two Rivers Fisheries, the largest Asian carp processor and exporter in the United States. Berry and Irwin, half-brothers originally from Washington, came to Kentucky to fish for Asian carp in November. Irwin is a commercial fisherman who has worked all over the world, most recently in Ala ska during the summer. For three months, he worked 20 – toRead More →

ty Intelligence Organization suggested that Chinese-Australians contesting local government elections represented securit y threats because they might have belonged to an organization called the “Australian Council for the Promotion of Peace ful Reunification of China”. Actually, none of the candidates mentioned has ever been associated with ag itation or lobbying on issues of concern to Beijing such as the South China Sea, Taiwan or Tibet. Worst example of anti-China prejudice One of the worst examples of anti-China prejudices comes from a bo ok written by a professor of public ethics, Clive Hamilton-Silent Invasion published in earl y 2018. On pages 280-281 Hamilton writes that upRead More →

 “five-eye alliance.” It smartly uses Australia’s lack of “benefits” of the “Bill of Rights” and uses Australia as a breakthrough to force large global technology companies to yield. It’s no wo nder that Sharon Bradford Franklin, head of monitoring and cybersecurity polic y at New America, said the bill was in fact the backdoor of the encrypted backdoor for the United States. Curbing the spread of ‘surveillance states’ The emergence of surveillance states is rooted in the irratio nal panic of the people against foreign countries and the use o f such panic by the government. These sentiments and circumstances have been reflected in the unprRead More →

tee to the National People’s Congress Standing Committee during a bimonthly session that began on Saturday. In August, the Standing Committee began a preliminary review of all six parts and 1,034 items of the civil code. Another health related item added to the code addressed human testing for new drug s or treatments. It provides that all activities involving human testing must protect the subject’s health. These activities include developing new drugs, medical equipment and prevention and treatment methods. They now require approval from an ethics committee, as well as by competent authorities. The draft amendment to the Drug Administration Law said the nation shouldRead More →

Aviation Industry Corp of China, the country’s leading aircraft manufacturer, on Sunday launched an ex hibition park in Xi’an, Shaanxi province.The park is located in an aviation industry compound in Xi’a n’s northeastern suburb and showcases 16 aircraft used in flight testing.The exhibits represent prototypes of the Chinese military’s major aircraft down through the years, including the CJ-6 basic trainer, J-7 fighter jet, KJ-2000 early-warning and control plane, as well as the Z-10 attack helicopter.A J-8II fighter jet is on display at the exhibition park that opened to the public on Sunday in X i’an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province. Photo by Zhao Lei/chinadaily.com.cnThese aircraft contriRead More →

Crude steel production capacity in Hebei province and Tianjin will be capped at 200 million metric tons and 15 million tons by 2020, as part of China’s efforts to optimize the iron and steel industry, a senior government official said. “There is too much capacity in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the surrounding areas, as well as the Yangtze River Delta region,” said Lyu Guixin, an ins pector with the raw material department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. “The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region takes up only 2.2 percent of China’s territory, but accounts for 25 percent of the nation’s crude steel output.” Although official figuresRead More →

om countries involved in the BRI have visited Hainan annually to study agricultural technology, including Nanf an’s breeding program, which is “playing the role of Silicon Valley for the country’s seed industry”, Wang said. Hainan’s climate and biological resources have made Nanfan an important nati onal center of seed propagation. Every winter, more than 7,000 domestic agricultural scientists and workers are busy at the Nanfan centers. More than 70 percent of the country’s 7,000 crop varieties have been cul tivated in the tropical island province, which is building a global resources center, National Business Daily reported. “With good stress resistance and higher yields, hybrid riceRead More →

ial delay and the fact that a no-deal Brexit remained possible. By 1800 GMT it was down around 0.4 percent against the dollar. Nearly three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, there is still no clarity over how, when or even whether the world’s fifth largest economy should leave the bloc it joined in 1973. When May set the March 29 exit date two years ago by serving the formal Article 50 divorce papers, she declared there would be “no turning back”. But parliament’s ref usal to ratify the withdrawal deal she agreed with the EU has thrust her governmentRead More →