Holden is positive about the future of the relationship. “Honestly, both countries need each other,” he said. “We need to be able to sell products in China. The Chinese population is wanting the goods that we can produce here. China also gives us a workforce in some of our industries, which makes them com petitive globally,” said Holden, who opened Missouri’s first trade office in China during his term from 2001 to 2005. “I think there are advantages and opportunities on both sides if we ca n get people to sit down and really look at how do we put these pieces together,” Holden said.Read More →

 authority intervention in foreign exchange markets over the past se veral months, according to the US Treasury’s semiannual foreign-exchange report to Congress. The May report summarized that China’s growth appears to be stabilizing on the back of recently enhanced supportive measures. The report expanded the number of countries it scrutinizes for curre ncy manipulation to 21 from 12. Countries with a current account surplus with the US equivalent to 2 percent of GDP were put on the watch list, compared with 3 percent of GDP before. China didn’t meet the “currency manipulator” criteria listed by the US Treasury, but Washington will continue asse ssing theRead More →

ss to US suppliers “will do significant economic harm to the US companies” and affect “tens of thousands of US jobs”. In total, US firm s sold an estimated $11 billion worth of components to Huawei last year, according to earlier media reports. “I’m not able to tell you exactly what the costs will be; it differs from company to company,” said Allen. “But clearly, from a corporate perspective, this Department of Commerce action has created costs and has escalated the uncertainty quite a bit.” Asked to comment on some voices in the US calling for the “decoupling” of the two countries, especially in theRead More →

onomy is accelerating restructuring reform and shifting from an export-dominated growth model to a more services-driven model, they added. “The United States escalated trade tensions, but it cannot solve any problem. This causes volatility and sluggishness in global financial markets an d hurts the global economy,” said Guo Shuqing, the People’s Bank of China’s Party secretary and also head of the China Banking and In surance Regulatory Commission. His keynote speech was delivered by a commission spokesman at a forum on Saturday. Impact on the Chinese economy will be very limited, said Guo. “Chinese fi nancial markets, although they were excessively affected by trade tensionsRead More →

 fame and fortune, serving as a role model for military officers, rank-and-file soldiers and veterans across the country, Xi said. Zhang, a member of the CPC, was a soldier of Brigade 359 of the Northwest Field Army, o ne of the main forces of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army during the Liberation War between 1945 and 1949. He was honored by the Northwest Field Army several times for performing meritorious deeds as he braved enemy fire. He was twice given the honorary title of Combat Hero. When he retired from the PLA, Zhang chose to work in the pov erty-stricken mountainous areas in Laifeng, aRead More →

e more overseas investors in. The cross-border trade and investment will be more free and convenient, said Pan. He called China’s economy stable, as the major economic indicators were within a reasonable range. In April, the National Bureau of Statistics said the purchasing ma nagers’ index for the manufacturing sector stood at 50.1, indicating expansion as the reading was above 50. The broad money supply, or M2, increased 8.5 percent year-on-year by the end of April, compared with 8.3 percent a year earlier. “The prudential monetary policy was focused on countercyclical adjustments this year, maintaining flexibility as well as ample liquidity to promote fast growthRead More →

said it would be adding Huawei and its 70 affiliates to an Entity List, which will ban the compan y from buying parts and components of US companies without prior government approval. Gao Feng, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said at a briefing that the con cept of national security “should not be used as a tool for trade protectionism”. “China strongly opposes other countries imposing unilateral sanctions on Chinese entities,” Gao said. He called on the US to stop its wrongful behavior and make more efforts to create conditions for normal international trade cooperation. Huawei has been increasing its 5G commercial contracts worldwide,Read More →

 decade is likely to be driven by greater global financial sector integration,” said Alfred Schip ke, the International Monetary Fund’s senior resident representative for China. Chinese students are increasingly diversifying their choices of destinations for overseas stud ies, with more students choosing to go to the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, a new report showed. In a multiple choice survey for the annual Report on Chinese Students’ Overseas Study, released on Tuesday, while the United States remains the most popular destination for overseas study this year, pref erred by 43 percent of the respondents, this was down by 8 percentage points compared with 2015. USRead More →

She added that 28 passengers are now in the airport terminal, and five have been taken to a hospital. A group of experts trained in providing psychological assistance to survivors and relatives of victims has been sent to the airport. President Putin has offered his condolences over the incident. Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov said Putin has ordered “th e most thorough investigation” to find out the cause of the disaster. According to Russia’s ITAR-Tass News Agency, a criminal case was opened after the incident on charges of violating flight safety rules. Markovskaya said a commission headed by Russian Transport Minister Yevgeny Dietrich is workingRead More →

rcrowding and rampant construction plaguing cities, and the development of cities will also offer unique ways to bring about rural revitalization,” Chen said. “As restrictions on hukou will gradually be removed, cities need to be well-prepared to offer accommodation and employment opportunities, and allow children of migrant workers to have equal access to education,” Chen added. China has made steady progress in urbanization, as the ranks of permanent urban r esidents stood at 831 million at the end of 2018, up 17.9 million from the previous year, said the National Bureau of Statistics. Last month, the National Development and Reform Commission said it plans toRead More →