iwan, the sales of arms send the wrong message to the secessionis ts, encouraging them to go further on the road of seeking independence. As a res上海后花园女神会所 ult, the arms sales are anything but a move to stabilize the situation across the Taiwan Straits. With the current trade frictions between the US and China, what is badly n上海后花园 eeded is more political trust between the two economic heavyweights. Arms sales to t he island are not only incompatible with the spirit of the three joint communiqués Beijing and Washington signed for the esta 上海后花园女神会所blishment of diplomatic relations, but also set new stumbling blocks in theRead More →

mpire Damien Dumusois, complaining about all sorts of things, includ ing how long Nadal took between points and whether the official was seeking too muc上海后花园 h attention. During the match, Kyrgios earned a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct after calling Du musois a “disgrace.” At his news conference, Kyrgios’ insults of choice were “horrendous” and “terrible.” 上海后花园Frank Lampard has been confirmed as the replacement for Maurizio Sarri as the new coach for Chelsea after agreeing a three-year contract. “I am immensely proud to be returning to Chelsea. Everyone knows my lov e for this club and the history we have shared, however, my sole focus isRead More →

 dependence of China’s growth on exports was only 18.24 percent, and the impact of exports on China’s economic growth is graduall 上海后花园y decreasing. Since the beginning of this year, despite the slowdown in world economic growth and international trade, China’s economy has st arted well, and the main economic indicators have remained within a reasonable range. China is optimizing its economic structure, changing its dev elopment mode, and improving its quality and efficiency. The Chinese economy is well poised to maintain the healthy trend of stable growth.上海后花园 • What is China’s position and attitude toward Sino-US economic and trade friction? Since some people in theRead More →

d in demographi上海后花园女神会所c turnaround. It took just 46 years-from 1949 to 1995-to lift its people’ s average life expectancy from 40 years to 70.8 years, an accomplishment all the more admirable because China is still a de veloping economy. As such, China has set a fine example for human development. As a leading developing country, China has notably closed the gap with developed countries in terms of people’s life expectancy and health. In fact, by 2015, Chinese people’s average life expectancy at birth had increased to 76.34 years. Compared with the mortality rate, however, the changes in China’s fertility rate have been astoundingly rapid. ChinaRead More →

Over the nex上海后花园女神会所 t three years, real-time baggage tracking will become a common featu re for passengers to identify where their luggage is by checking the status on their mobile phones China Eastern Airlines said it has proposed that off-airport chec k-in and bag services be introduced at Beijing Daxing International Airport, and related equi pment is expected to be built at several places such as metro stations in Beijing as part of its long-term planning. The new gigantic airport located in southern Beijing is scheduled to start commercial operation s on Sept 30. China Eastern and China Southern Airlines have confirmed that they willRead More →

Last year, a document issued by the General Office of the State Council ordered efforts to promote the research and development of generic drugs. The list of generic drugs is among 15 regulations, of which the release by the end of t his year has been listed as priorities in China’s medical and healthcare system reform in 2019. A national WeChat mini-program was launched Wednesday to enable users to enjoy ov er 200 e-government services via the cross-region and cross-department digital platform. The mini-program, a small application embedded within China’s popular social media platform WeChat, connects users with services offered by six government a genciesRead More →

rcing to countries other than China under the tariff specter, the FDRA said there had been com panies moving away, but “footwear is a very capital-intensive industry, with years of planning required to m ake sourcing decisions, and companies cannot simply move factories to adjust to these changes”. Douglas H. Paal, vice-president of the Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowme nt for International Peace, said the footwear industry’s complaints are justifiable, albeit a little late. “Since their issues do not involve critical technologies, the re might be room for the administration to offer a degree of relief,” Paal told China Daily. www.goldenwing.orgRead More →

The app and database will help us gather more precise and well-rounded data on the population, distribution, ages, gender ratio, birth and deaths of wild pandas, who live in deep mountains and are hard to track,” said Chen Peng, a researcher with the base who co-authored a paper on “Giant Panda Face Recognition Using Small Database.” “It will definitely help us improve efficiency and effectiveness in conservation and management of the animals,” Chen said. China has carried out four scientific field research project of giant pandas in the wild. The giant panda was scientifically discovered 150 years ago and na med in the city ofRead More →

growth targets, based on excessively low estimates of potential growth, lead to lower actual growth. Fo r an economy the size of China’s, a difference of even 1 percentage point has a huge impact on welfare. Many economists would counter that a conservative growth target is useful-or even necessary-to create space for struct ural adjustment. But this claim is unconvincing. Reducing China’s excessive reliance on investment in real es tate-one of the economy’s most serious structural problems-does not necessarily require a reduction in FAI gro wth, let alone GDP growth. Nor is slower GDP growth a prerequisite for improving financial stability. China must pursue asRead More →

th rate of more than 9 percent three years in a row, the Chinese film market is extreme ly open and inclusive with outstanding movies from around the world, fine works of Hollyw ood in particular, being screened in China even before they are shown in other countries. This shows China’s decision to open up its film market in the trough in 1995 was absolutely right. Since then the quota for Hollywo od movies has been significantly raised from the initial 10 films a year. The opening up of the Chinese movie ma rket proves that the more open and inclusive a film market is,Read More →