reached 51.6 million tons, with ore and container freight volumes breaking records. Aut horities said that the port’s investment budget for 2019 would reach 48 million euros. Situated at the heart of a triangle between Brussels, London, and P aris, the Port of Dunkerque is the third largest port in France after Port Le Havre and Port Marseille. The port has 18 professional terminals and a logistics park with storage facilities for food, hydrocarbons, chemicals and cereals. Public security authorities have destroyed over 200 cross-re gional criminal networks and more than 400 peer-to-peer lending platforms suspected of i llegal fundraising between the beginning of 2018Read More →

Using the database, researchers are able to carry out automatic facial recognition on panda faces to tell one animal from another, the center said. Panda researchers hope algorithms and AI technology will help them analyze data on pandas both in captivity and the wild. The app and database will help us gather more precise and well-rounded data on the population, distributi on, ages, gender ratio, birth and deaths of wild pandas, who live in deep mountains and are hard to track,” said Chen Peng, a researcher w ith the base who co-authored a paper on “Giant Panda Face Recognition Using Small Database.” “It will definitelyRead More →

e in trying to forecast earthquakes, it may very well happen in China,” said Tappo nnier, also foreign associate member of the United States’ National Academy of Sciences. Four leading ethics scholars in China are urging government authorities to intensify their supervision over scientific research to re duce the chances of unethical use of biomedical technologies involving gene editing and stem cells. The appeal, published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, referen ced a major ethical scandal in November, when a Chinese scientist announced he had pro duced the world’s first twin human babies whose genes were altered to make them immune to HIV. AccordingRead More →

ion as of the end of last year. Nearly 70 percent held a junior colleg e degree or above, accounting for almost half of all healthcare professionals, she said. Last year, there were 150 million people 60 years or above living with chronic diseases in China. Of those, 44 million were fully or partially disabled and in need of regular nursing services, she said. “With more nurses and nurse’s aides, the demand for nursing services from the elderly will be gradually met,” she said. The commission will also encourage community health centers to provide more nursing services for the e lderly in neighborhoods, Jiao said.Read More →

No need for dogs, cats to go through quarantine if they meet set conditions Pets owners no longer need to be separated from their beloved dogs or cats when they ar rive in China from overseas if they meet certain conditions, under a regulation that took effect on May 1. Dogs or cats with valid electronic chips arriving from 19 designated c ountries or regions no longer have to undergo weeklong quarantines if they pass on-site inspe ctions at ports of entry, according to the regulation released by the General Administration of Customs earlier this year. The designated countries and regions are New Zealand, Australia,Read More →

 back to the US government’ s military occupation of the Philippines in the 1890s. Christ opher J. Coyne, a professor at George Mason University in the United States sai d in the book Tyranny Comes Home that under the leadership of Ralph Van Deman, the father of US military int elligence, the American occupier established an advanced monitoring agency at the time to suppress rebels and dissidents. In May 1917, Vanderman took charge of the Military Intelligence Section ( MIS), a similar surveillance facility in the United States, and which would eventually evo lve into the US National Security Agency (NSA). In 1955, the UnitedRead More →

Smog in greater Beijing area could be thickened by 15 percent, experts say Climate change has been making meteorological conditions in the greater Beijing area more conducive to the generation of haze, and combined with heavy s mog, the situation could trigger a rapid increase in the concentration of airborne pollutants, researchers said. The National Joint Research Center for Tackling Key Problems in Air Pollution Control demonstra ted that without a reduction in the discharge of pollutants, air quality in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cluster could worsen by about 10 percent and even up to 15 percent in some cities because of unfavorable meteorological co nditions, theRead More →

sporting goods, textiles, electronic appliances and bicycles, will be lowered to 20 percent from the previous 25 percent, it said. The move was aimed at expanding imports and boosting domestic consumpti on, with tax rates lowered for many daily consumer goods, the commission said.  Chinese singer Yi Yangqianxi on Monday shared his vision of promoting health among young people, citing his experiences working with the World Health Organization (WHO). At the Asia and Pacific session of the ongoing UN Economic and Social Council Youth Forum, Yi said that to bu ild a healthier society, “we need to start with our own personal action, make healthyRead More →

Cooperation at the ministry’s Office for International Military Cooperation, said that comp ared with other branches of the military, the PLA Navy plays a relatively larger role in protecting China’s overseas inter ests and maintaining security in key sea lanes such as the Gulf of Aden and waters off Somalia. “The PLA Navy is at the forefront of proving that the Chinese milita ry is an open, cooperative and competent force for peace,” he said, adding that the PLA Navy has f requently participated in humanitarian rescue missions, naval escorts, joint exercises and exchanges in past years. “Through these non-war military operations, the Chinese NavyRead More →

You seem determined to prove my point. Good for you! #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder.” In another tweet, he simply wrote, “You. Are. Nuts.” While politically opposed couples are far from an oddity in Washington , it is unprecedented for a sitting president to publicly criticize an aide’s spouse. Likew ise, it is unprecedented for an aide’s spouse to question the mental health of a sitting president. Kellyanne Conway’s allies, including Trump and his 2020 campaign manager Bra d Parscale, fired back earlier this week, with the President calling him a “total loser.” Long a top Trump defender, she sided with her boss, telling reporters she did not shareRead More →