n for a year, but some on Brady’s committee had pushed for those rules to be change d in order to try to force her out earlier if she refused to set out a clear departure date. Boris Johnson, the face of the campaign for Britain to leave the Europea n Union, said he would stand as a candidate to replace May as Conservative leader. May’s Brexit deal has been rejected three times by parliament, and weeks of talks with the opposition Labour Party, the idea of which was deeply unpopular with many Conservatives, have failed to find a consensus on the way forward. ARead More →

rseas no longer guarantees a well-paid job, the report found that 70 perce nt of respondents said they do not care about return on investment and are more appr eciative of other rewards of overseas study experience, including better adaptive ability. Gao Ang, an undergraduate student at the University of Californi a, Berkeley, said he does not regret going to the US despite its high cost. Overseas study provides students with many advantages-their exp erience tends to equip them with a global mindset and better languag e and communication skills-important characteristics for future promotion opportunities, he said. In 2018, 662,100 Chinese people went abroad toRead More →

Convening nearly 40 foreign leaders and representatives from more than 150 countries, th e Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, which opens in Beijing on Thursday, testifi es to a growing aspiration for collaboration amid rising unilateralism and protectionism. The conspicuous increase in the size of foreign participation com pared with the inaugural forum two years ago corrobo rates United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres’ earlier comment that the Belt and Road Initia tive, like the UN Millennium Development Goals, is a public good for the entire world. Since President Xi Jinping proposed the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk RoadRead More →

China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and latest nuclear submarines, destroyers and fighter jets will join the parade, Qiu said. “Some vessels will make their debut for the first time,” Qiu added. Altogether 32 Chinese vessels and 39 warplanes will take part in the event, according to Qiu. The vessels will sail in six groups, namely, those of submar ines, destroyers, frigates, landing ships, auxiliary ships, and aircraft carrier. The planes will fly in 10 echelons, showcasing aircraft for early warning, reconnaissance, anti-submarine patrol, as wel l as bombers, fighters, carrier-based fighters, and carrier-based helicopters, Qiu said. More than 60 countries will send delegations toRead More →

 reports that India decided not to send a delegation to the second Belt and Road Forum for Internati onal Cooperation later this month in Beijing. The reports said the initiative undermines the South Asia n nation’s sovereignty via the BRI-related China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Lu said that, “If this decision about whether to participate in building the Belt and Road was possibly made through a misunderstanding”, China firmly and sincerely advances the constr uction of the Belt and Road on the basis of consultation and contribution for shared benefits. He added that the initiative is open to all parties that are inter ested in and willingRead More →

mechanism has made good achievements in economic cooperation over the past several years, including freight trains running between C hina and Europe. The mechanism should continue focusing on concrete projects in infrastructure and other key areas, she said. People-to-people exchanges, including education and tourism, should also be stren gthened to improve mutual understanding between their people, Chen added. China will take key measures in a new push to improve its cities through boosting the urban pop ulation and bolstering the nation’s high-quality and stable economic growth, the country’s top economic planner said. Measures include relaxing residency curbs, promoting investmen t and financing mechanisms and increasingRead More →

unei’s history, will become the country’s longest sea-crossing bridge with a total length of about 30 km. It is scheduled to open to traffic by the end of November 2019. The CC4 section of the bridge is constructed by China State Construction Engineering C orp. At around 11.6 km of the 11.8 km-long section will be a land viaduct traversing the mangrove swamp of the Labu Forest Reserve, the company has established a set of strict safety and green construction evaluation systems to mee t the high demand for environmental protection and cope with unprecedented difficulty in construction. The Padma Bridge, 25 meters in widthRead More →

Rising registrations and better technology improve prospects of quicker availability When Zhao Xueming, a middle school math teacher in Beij ing, knew he had late-stage liver cancer in February last year, he felt despair. “I was scared to the soul, and I thought about death every day,” he said. By then, Zhao, who was 36 at the time, had received various treatme nts at Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital for four months. However, he believed he had s ome other liver disease, since his parents, in order to avoid frightening him, never told him the truth. “The treatments didn’t work well,” he said. “At l ZhaoRead More →

 development in China, and the EU welcomes China’s willingness to share its development opportunities. Chinese enterprises are welcome to invest in European countries, said the European leaders, adding that they will not adopt restrictive measures against specific com panies, and are willing to provide a fair, open and transparent business environment for all foreign enterprises. During the visit, Peng Liyuan, Xi’s wife, also attended a number of events aimed at deepeni ng cultural and educational exchanges between China and the European nations. As a special envoy of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for the advanceme nt of girls’ and women’s education,Read More →

 said the first consultation will be held in September when a US delegation, led by a senior official fr om the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, is expected to visit Taipei. The US has been using one pretext or the other to provoke Beijing and violate the 1979 Joint Commun iqué. But for the sake of Sino-US relations and regional peace, Washington should realize that instead of gain ing anything, it would suffer huge economic and political damage by interfering in China’s internal affairs. Xi’s message of peace and reunification Delivering a speech to mark the 40th anniversary of the MessageRead More →