um for Asia, that China will grant 5G licenses this year, but didn’t disclose a specific date. “5G, industrial internet and the internet of vehicles are among the country’s top development priorities in the teleco mmunications industry,” Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, sa id on Friday during the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. Zhang called for accelerated efforts to set standards in key areas, including 5G, to expedite th e commercialization of this forefront technology and bolster the nation’s core competitiveness. Major Chinese smartphone maker Huawei Technologies Co has already unveiled its first 5G chip and firstRead More →

roject, including Russia, Egypt and Algeria, and 17 domestic research teams, including on e from University of Science and Technology of China, have started research on the site, Zheng noted. The site will “offer research teams with observation equipmen t, support for outdoor observation and data sharing services”, he said. Wu Zhongliang, director of the administra tion’s Institute of Earthquake Forecasting, said the experimental site will help for m a “united front” at the national and international level to work on earthquake forecasting. Referring to earthquake forecasting as a hard nut to crack, Wu said the work can not see marked progress just in aRead More →

“The country has always adhered to international treaties, such as the Charter of the United Nations, the United Natio ns Convention on the Law of the Sea, and the Spitsbergen Treaty, as well as other international laws and upheld the p rinciple of respect, cooperation and common winning and sustainability when actively participating in Arctic affa irs and contributing Chinese wisdom and power in the sustainable development of the Arctic region,” he said. The annual Arctic Circle Forum, established in 2013 and initi ated by Iceland’s then-president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, is a platform to help the inter national community care for, understand and protect theRead More →

ent. External critics of China don’t appreciate that Chinese themselves realize there are issues to be addressed. They are doing so. These developments should be encouraged.” President Xi Jinping, who spoke at the Second Belt and Road Foru m for International Cooperation in Beijing recen tly, listed areas in which China will improve the environment for foreign investment. The president said the nation will work hard to create a business environ ment that respects the value of intellectual prop erty, will improve the legal system for IPR protection at all levels, will strengthen law enforcement and pr otection for the legitimate rights and interests ofRead More →

hinese sales of passenger vehicles, MPVs, SUVs and minivans in March dropped 12 percent on a yearly basis to 1.78 million units. This is the 10th consecutive monthly decrease, according to the C hina Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Changjiang Times reported. The MPV sector saw the largest sales decline, 20.2 percent to 130,000 units in the pas t month, while SUVs and sedans dropped 10.7 and 12 percent, respectively. The decreases in 2019’s first quarter are mild compared with those at the end of the last year, CPCA said. As the State-VI emission standards will be implemented from July 1 this year, some Japanese brandsRead More →

 at the end of the semester. “The key knowledge is clearly pinpointed, and I make notes. When the end of the semester arrives, I read it again. It is especially helpful for my exam,” she said. Wang, the history teacher, said the document iThe Jiangsu teachers have all been given free lodgings next to the scho ol, so they are close to their students in class and in life. The school also provides societies where the students are fre e to develop hobbies, such as learning piano or Tibetan calligraphy.s designed to help students study independently. The core contents still come from the textbook, butRead More →

ons has voted against remaining in the EU and every version of leaving the EU,” tweeted James Cleverly, the Conservative Party’s deputy chairman. Nevertheless, some proposals fared better than May’s deal had done two weeks ago, and parlia ment was due to hold more indicative votes on Monday after refining the options most likely to secure a majority. Many Conservative eurosceptics had made clear they would only c onsider supporting May’s deal if she gave a firm commitment to resign, hoping a new leader would be more sympathetic to their views when negotiating the terms of Britain’s future relationship with the EU. “I have heardRead More →

llati said, noting that the Italian and Chinese peoples have always trusted each other and maintained profound friendship, with close ties in such fields as economy and trade, and culture. The Senate speaker said she agrees with Xi on his remarks about the traditional friendly exchanges between the two cou ntries dating back over 2,000 years, published in leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera ahead of his visit. China and Italy are major countries that boast a rich culture, she said, adding that Italy is willing to boost communication and c ooperation with the Chinese side in such fields as culture, art, language, heritage protection,Read More →

year. We must build a presence there.”In the fourth quarter of 2018, Oppo outcompeted Samsung to become the largest smartphone vendor in Thailand with a market share of 22.2 percent, gro wing about 70 percent year-on-year, according to the market research company Canalys. Its products and services are also well received in other South Asian and Sout heast Asian countries, including India, and African countries such as Kenya. In 2018, Oppo shipped 113 million units of smartphones wor ldwide, garnering a global market share of more than 8 percent, according to IDC data. Other Chinese smartphone makers, including Huawei, Xiaomi and Vivo, are also lookingRead More →

  Military tensions in the disputed region of Kashmir have erupted in recent weeks, with India and Pakistan painting different versions of events.   One thing we do know for certain is that an Indian pilot, identified as Wing Commander Abhinandan, was captured by Pakistan aft er his plane was shot down in a dogfight earlier this week between Pakistani and Indian warplanes over the ceasefire line in Kashmir.   He was due to be handed back to India on Friday afternoon, at a famous border post in the village of Wagah.   While Indian-controlled Kashmir and Pakistani-controlled Kashmir are separate d by a 435-mile de facto border knownRead More →