ments in areas such as education, health, climate change adaptation and sustainable infrastructure. The growth outlook in all major developed economies and most developin g regions has weakened due to a confluence of both domestic and external factors, the report said. Following an expansion of 3 percent in 2018, world gross product growth is now projected to moderat e to 2.7 percent in 2019 and 2.9 percent in 2020, reflecting a downward revision from the forecasts released in January. The report identifies several downside risks that could trigger a sharper or more prolonged growth slowdown, potentially infl icting significant damage on development progress. Those risksRead More →

he Sichuan-Tibet Railway, the second railway line linking the Tibet autonomous region to other parts of China, will opera te high-speed trains with a designed running speed of 200 kilometers per hour, reported. China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co Ltd, which is designing the line, revealed a draft plan on Wednesday that tra ins on the whole Sichuan-Tibet line will travel with a designated speed of 200 km/h, with some segments limited to 160 km/h. The 1,600-kilometer-long line under construction is designed to start from Chengdu, pass through Ya’an and Kan gding, then enter Tibet via Qamdo and end at Lhasa. The 140-kilometer Chengdu-Ya’anRead More →

 popcorn,” said Liu Yueming, a technician in the promotion of scientific cultivation i n the province. “It felt like the surface temperature was as high as 60 C. It’s a catastrophe.” He said that some springs in a village called Haikou had drie d up and the villagers didn’t have enough drinking water. “The village has 29 small water res ervoirs, however, 14 of them have been used up so far. The drought is beyond imagination.” “The villagers are doing everything they can to have enough drinki ng water and then to also save as much as possible for their crops,” he added. The regionRead More →

As tours to Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have become increasingly popular among tourists from home and abroad, local authorities have announced a plan recently to launch as many as 100 special trains for tourists from May to October. The local railway authorities will step up cooperation with other part s of the country to boost Xinjiang’s tourism development, according to Huang Ti ngfen, deputy general manager of Xinjiang Railway Tourism Development Group. The trains will provide easier access to both the southern and northern parts of Xinjia ng, said Huang. It will also be more convenient for Xinjiang residents to travel to other parts ofRead More →

Reportedly, the United States administration is considering extending its attacks on Chinese companies by blacklisting China’s largest surveillance equipment manufacturer Hikvision. If so, Hikvision — which has about 20 percent of the global market share and has been the leading player in the industry for seven consecutive years — will become the fourth Chinese company Wa shington has targeted after the telecommunications companies ZTE and Huawei, and drone maker DJI. Unlike the previous three companies, which the US administrat ion has justified the attacks on with the excuse 2019/05/22/shangjianxiachuicn-3/it is protecting national security, the premise for setting its sights on Hikvision, which serves customers inRead More →

President Xi Jinping inspected a company that manufactures high-tech magnetic m aterials as he kicked off an inspection trip to East China’s Jiangxi province on Monday. Xi learned about the business operations of the JL MAG Rare-Earth Co Ltd, based in Ganzhou, which speciali zes in rare earth permanent magnetic materials, as well as the development of the rare earth sector in the city. Ren Zhengfei, founder and CEO of Huawei, said on Tuesday that the US governm ent’s 90-day extension “doesn’t mean much”, adding that the company was ready to deal with the ban. Ren’s comments came after the US Commerce Department said onRead More →

rcing to countries other than China under the tariff specter, the FDRA said there had been com panies moving away, but “footwear is a very capital-intensive industry, with years of planning required to m ake sourcing decisions, and companies cannot simply move factories to adjust to these changes”. Douglas H. Paal, vice-president of the Asia Program at the Carnegie Endowme nt for International Peace, said the footwear industry’s complaints are justifiable, albeit a little late. “Since their issues do not involve critical technologies, the re might be room for the administration to offer a degree of relief,” Paal told China Daily. www.goldenwing.orgRead More →

hina Eastern Airlines confirmed to news outlet The Paper on Tuesday it has officially lodged claims with Boeing for losses cause d by the 737 MAX’s grounding and late delivery, adding the two companies will stay in communication over the issue. The move makes China Eastern Airlines the first airline in China to ask Boeing for compensation, as the 737 M AX suffered worldwide suspensions after two deadly crashes which took more than 300 lives in six months. Fourteen Boeing 737 MAX jets under China Eastern Airlines have been grounded since March 11. Boeing stressed that it refused to talk about any communications with itsRead More →

event wild animals from being touched by tourists. In such conditions, education on wildlife protection before the tour will be needed,” he said. “Also, we can further explain contributions travelers can make through a nimal-friendly tourism during the trip, which will make the tour much more meaningful and unforgettable.” Apart from travel agencies, online tourism information platforms are also contributing efforts to promote wildlife-frien dly tours. Chinese website that enables travel enthusiasts to write notes and exchange experiences, has recently added a new item of “not chasing tigers in the national parks” into their travel guidebook for India. “Wildlife protection needs efforts from eachRead More →

higher than in previous years,” she said. “Also, the rainy season is supposed to begin after the May Day holiday, but I haven’t seen a drop of rain so far.” Data from the National Climate Center shows that the average rainfall from April 1 to May 17 is 35.3 millim eters, down almost two-thirds from the same period last year, the least recorded rainfall over that period since 1961. In addition to the drought, the average temperature is 1.9 C higher than average for the period, the highest since 1961. Chen, the chief forecaster, said that according to the mid- to long-term forecast ra infallRead More →