One minister put his discontent into words, crying, “the false Dong Zhuo is the author of this insult, which I will risk my life to wipe away!” And with this he rushed at Dong Zhuo threatening with his ivory baton of office. It was Chair of the Secretariat Ding Guan. Dong Zhuo had Ding Guan removed and summarily put to death. Before his death, Ding Guan ceased not to rail at the oppressor, nor was he frightened at death. [hip, hip, hip] the rebel Dong Zhuo conceived the foul design To thrust the King aside and wrong his line. With folded arms the courtiers stood,Read More →

Wu Qiong said, “Yuan Shao is fond of scheming, but he fails in decision and so is not to be feared. But it would be well to give him rank and thus win popular favor.” Dong Zhuo followed this advice, and within that day sent a messenger to offer Yuan Shao the governorship of Bohai. On the first day of the ninth month, the Emperor was invited to proceed to the Hall of Virtue where was a GREat assembly of officials. there Dong Zhuo, sword in hand, faced the gathering and said, “The Emperor is a weakling unequal to the burden of ruling this land.Read More →

Fear seized them in its grip and they were silent, all but Yuan Shao who said, “The Emperor was innocent of any fault, and to set him aside in favor of a commoner was rebellion and nothing else!” “the empire is in my hands!” cried Dong Zhuo. “When I choose to do this thing, who will dare to say nay? Think you my sword lacks an edge?”   “If your sword is sharp, mine is never blunt!” said Yuan Shao as his sword FLASHed out of the sheath.   the two men stood face to face amid the feasters. Dong Zhuo was on the point of slayingRead More →

As a reply Lu Bu made one cut, and Ding Yuan’s head fell to the earth. then Lu Bu called the attendants and said, “He was an unjust man, and I have slain him. Let those who back me stay. The others may depart.” Most ran away. Next day, with the head of the murdered man as his gift, Lu Bu betook himself to Li Su, who led him to Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo received him with a warm welcome and had wine set before him. “Your coming is welcome as the gentle dew to the parched grass,” said Dong Zhuo.   Lu Bu made DongRead More →

“If I could only find a master to serve,” said Lu Bu. “the clever bird chooses the branch whereon to perch; the wise servant selects the master to serve. Seize the chance when it comes, for repentance ever comes too late.” “Now you are in the government. Who think you is really the bravest of all?”, asked Lu Bu. “I despise the whole lot except Dong Zhuo. He is one who respects wisdom and reveres scholarship; he is discriminating in his rewards and punishments. Surely he is destined to be a really GREat man.”   Lu Bu said, “I wish that I could serve him, butRead More →

“How long it is since we last saw each other!” replied Lu Bu, bowing in return. “And where are you now?” “I am a general in the Imperial Tiger Army. When I learned you were a strong supporter of the Throne, I could not say how I rejoiced. I have come now to present to you a really fine horse, a five-hundred-mile-a-day horse, one that crosses rivers and goes up mountains as if they were the level plain. Its name is Red Hare. It will be a fitting aid to your valor.” Lu Bu bade his guards lead out the horse. It was of aRead More →

Dong Zhuo could not reply for Lu Bu, eager for the fight, rode straight at him. Dong Zhuo fled and Ding Yuan’s army came on. The battle went in Ding Yuan’s favor, and the beaten troops retired ten miles and made another camp. Here Dong Zhuo called his officers to a council. “This Lu Bu is a marvel,” said Dong Zhuo. “If he were only on my side, I would defy the whole world!” At this a man advanced saying, “Be content, O my lord! I am a fellow villager of his and know him well: He is valorous, but not crafty; he will letRead More →

Dong Zhuo angrily drew his sword to slay the bold Lu Zhi, but two other officials remonstrated. “Minister Lu Zhi is the cynosure of the whole country, the bold Lu Zhi, but two other officials remonstrated. “Minister Lu Zhi is the cynosure of the whole country, and his violent death would stir the hearts of all people!” said Court Counselors Cai Yong and Peng Bo. Dong Zhuo then stayed his hand. then said Wang Yun, “A GREat question like the deposition and substitution of emperors is not one to be decided after a wine party. Let it be put off till another time.” So theRead More →

  “But this is the banquet chamber, and state affairs should be left outside. The matters can be fully discussed tomorrow.” His fellow guests persuaded Ding Yuan to leave, and after his departure Dong Zhuo said, “Is what I said just and reasonable?” [e] Yi Yin was was helper and prime minister of King Tang, the founder of Shang Dynasty. After King Tang’s death, Yi Yin served his sons and grandson. Soon after Tai Jia, King Tang’s grandson, ascended the throne, he committed many faults, and Yi Yin, acting as regent, exiled Tai Jia to Tong Palace——the burial place of King Tang. After three yearsRead More →

So spoke Li Ru, and the words pleased Dong Zhuo mightily. So the next day Dong Zhuo spread a feast and invited many guests. As all the officers went in terror of him, no one dared be absent. Dong Zhuo himself rode up to the garden last of all and took his place with his sword girded on. When the wine had gone round several times, Dong Zhuo stopped the service and the music and began to speak. “I have something to say. Listen quietly all of you!” All turned towards him. “the emperor is lord of all. If he lacks dignity and behaves inRead More →